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PACKOUT™ Modular Storage

The Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Modular Storage platform is a gamechanger for tradespeople in every industry. This highly adaptable system includes transportation, organisation, and secure storage solutions for your Milwaukee power tools and accessories.

Each component of the PACKOUT™ system of heavy duty tool boxes, organizers, and storage totes is made from impact resistant polymers with IP65 rated weather seals making PACKOUT™ the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry.
Milwaukee 25cm Packout Tote Tool Bag 4932464084
25cm tote tool bag with 28 pockets
£ 39.95
Milwaukee 3 Piece Packout System (Including Trolley) 4932464244
Milwaukee 3 Piece Packout System (Including Trolley) 4932464244
£ 273.95
Milwaukee 40cm Packout Tote Bag 4932464085
40cm tote tool bag with 31 pockets
£ 67.95
Milwaukee 40cm Packout Tote Bag 4932478797
40cm tote tool bag with 32 pockets
£ 107.95
Milwaukee 4932464082 Packout Organiser
Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage System
£ 70.95
Milwaukee 50cm Packout Tote Tool Bag 4932464086
50cm tote tool bag with 32 pockets
£ 74.95
Milwaukee Flat Trolley For The Packout System 4932471068
Milwaukee PACKOUT™ flat trolley for transporting PACKOUT™ boxes
£ 103.95
Milwaukee M18 Packout Radio Charger M18PRCDAB-0
18-volt PACKOUT radio + charger. Batteries sold separately.
£ 358.95
Milwaukee PACKOUT Backpack 4932471131
Milwaukee PACKOUT™ backpack with 48 pockets
£ 139.95
Milwaukee Packout Box Small
Small Milwaukee PACKOUT storage box
£ 28.95
Milwaukee PACKOUT Compact Organiser 4932464083
Compact organiser, part of the PACKOUT™ modular storage system
£ 36.95
Milwaukee PACKOUT First Aid Kit BS 8599 4932479638
BS 8599-1 compliant first aid kit compatible with the PACKOUT modular storage system
£ 38.95
Milwaukee PACKOUT Jobsite Cooler 4932471132
PACKOUT™ modular jobsite cooler
£ 54.95
Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Chest 4932478161
Packout rolling tool chest with 113kg total capacity
£ 185.95
Milwaukee PACKOUT Slim Organiser 4932471065
Milwaukee PACKOUT™ slim organiser with 5 storage bins
£ 15.95
Milwaukee Packout Starter Set 4932479957
Packout trolley box, 2-drawer toolbox and slim organiser case
£ 259.95
Milwaukee Packout Trolley Box 4932464078
Packout trolley box with 113kg total capacity
£ 94.95
Milwaukee Packout Tumbler 591ml 4932479074
591ml red tumbler compatible with the Packout system.
£ 24.95
Milwaukee Packout Tumbler 887ml 4932479075
887ml red tumbler compatible with the Packout system.
£ 29.95
Milwaukee Packout XL Tool Box 4932478162
Extra large Packout tool box with 45kg total capacity
£ 78.95
Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Foam Insert 4932471428 2 Pack
Pack of 2 Milwaukee foam inserts for Milwaukee PACKOUT™ boxes. Fully customisable to fit your tools.
£ 18.95
Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Mounting Plate 4932471638
Milwaukee PACKOUT wall mounting plate for converting PACKOUT into stationary storage
£ 50.95
Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Slim Organiser 4932471064
Milwaukee PACKOUT™ slim organiser with 10 storage bins
£ 33.95