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Jigsaw Blades

If your Milwaukee Jigsaw is in need of a sharp new blade you need look no further than Milwaukee. Milwaukee produce an array of jigsaw blades for every application ranging from blades for clean, splinter free cuts to more rapid rough cut blades.

When your jigsaws blade just isn't cutting it anymore upgrade to a Milwaukee jigsaw blade.
Milwaukee 5 Piece Mixed Jigsaw Blade Set 4932345825
5 piece mixed jigsaw blades. Contains jigsaw blades 4932213116, 4932254061, 4932254063, 4932254064 and 4932254071.
£ 6.95
Milwaukee Jigsaw Blade 5 Piece Set 4932254071 T111C
Pack of 5 75 x 3mm Milwaukee jigsaw blades for rough cuts in wood and PVC
£ 3.50
Milwaukee Jigsaw Blade 55 x 1.2 / T118A 4932254063
Pack of 5 55mm jigsaw blades for cutting thin metal
£ 5.95
Milwaukee Jigsaw Blade Set 4932254061 T101B 5 Pack
Pack of 5 75 x 2.5mm Milwaukee jigsaw blades for clean and splinter free cuts
£ 6.70
Milwaukee Jigsaw Blades Fast Cut 4932213116 T114D 5 Pack
Pack of 5 75 x 4mm Milwaukee jigsaw blades for fast cutting of wood
£ 5.29
Milwaukee Jigsaw Blades for Kitchen Worktops 4932346079 T101BR 5 Pack
Pack of 5 75 x 2.5mm Milwaukee jigsaw blades for cutting kitchen worktops and laminated chipboard
£ 7.31